Monday: 10:15am-6:00pm (May - September 1st)

Tuesday: 10:15am-6:00pm (May - September 1st)

Wednesday: 10:15am-6:00pm (May - September 1st)

Thursday: 10:15am-6:00pm (May - September 1st)

Friday: 10:15am-7:00pm (May - September 1st)

Saturday: 9:15am-8pm (May - October 8th)

Sunday: 9:15am-6pm (May - October 8th)

Dates and hours of operation may vary from day to day due to weather and aircraft inspections

Put-in-Bay Tour:  The "Put-in-Bay Tour" shown above takes you on a trip around South Bass Island, the home of Put-In-Bay. You'll see gorgeous, bird's-eye views of Cedar Point, Port Clinton and, of course, the beautiful Put-in-Bay itself.
$39.99 Per Person, Minimum 2 Passengers, Maximum 3 Passengers Per Trip

We are located at the Put in Bay Airport! For Shuttle services please contact our office 914-FLY-Heli or see us at our down town kiosk location next to TJ Smoke House!

Gift Certificates are sold year round call 914-FLY-HELI to order your certificate today!

Looking for a way to enhance your visit to Put in Bay? Choose from one of two options starting at $39.99 to see the islands in a truly unique way! Put in Bay helicopter tours are open from the second weekend of May through the end of September! Please call our office at 914-FLY-HELI to schedule your helicopter tour today (Our Port Clinton Ohio location is open year around)!

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Tours

Phone: 914 - FLY - HELI

(359 - 4354)

Grand Put-in-Bay Tour: Get a better look at all the islands on the "Grand Tour" as you fly around Put-In-Bay (South Bass), Middle Bass, and North Bass Islands.  Just miles from the Canadian border, this tour offers even more stunning scenic views of the islands and Lake Erie.
$99.99 Per Person, Minimum 2 Passengers, Maximum 3 Passengers Per Trip